Mon, 06 Sept | Zoom Private Room

Empowerment Living Room - Difficult Conversations at Work or Home

Open and free conversation happen monthly at the Empowerment Living Room. In September we will explore how to go about and around difficult conversations, for example, with a challenging boss or a loved one. What is your strategy?
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Empowerment Living Room - Difficult Conversations at Work or Home

Time & Location

06 Sept 2021, 19:00 – 20:30 CEST
Zoom Private Room

About the Event


Having a conversation should be an easy and natural activity among human beings, but is that so? Sometimes we face a difficult personality, a challenging boss or an annoying colleague. Sometimes the distance between backgrounds and culture seem to stand in the way of our friendly talks or even obstructing good understanding in closer relationships. Our styles, contexts, beliefs and goals sometimes mess up our message or how we listen to others.

At Empowr Internation we have a couple of workshops around communication, language and even negotiation. In this month session of the Empowerment Living Room we will highlight some of the key topics around difficult conversations and how could we make them more effective and we invite you to join us and offer your perspective. We invite you to contribute to enrich each other and maybe to disagree a bit, in a constructive way. 

Let's practice conversation!

Empowerment Living Room  - Guidelines & Agreements

This will be a moderated discussion, sometimes supported by a panel of selected skilful leaders and coaches over a topic that will be read at the beginning of the meeting Some basic agreements are asked for, so everyone joining is expected to follow such points.

They are as below:

· Listen ​to understand first, don’t interrupt others. ​Be curious and remember that attentive listening makes communication better.

· Suspend judgment, be considerate, allow dissent. ​Avoid cross-talking and reacting to what is being said. You don’t need to agree, just listen and be curious.

· Honesty and authenticity are welcome, just be kind. ​Share, based on your experience and values, understanding others may have different ones.

· Be concise, relevant, to the point. ​Sometimes we get lost in our stories, telling a lot of details, try not to do that. Remember to give others space and time too.

· Be proactive. Own what you say and take responsibility for making this a meaningful conversation for everyone.

Role of the Moderator: The moderator may interrupt, recalibrate or re-set the conversation. They will do so only with the objective of assuring the guidelines above, enabling proper time management.

General Format of the Meeting: The meeting will take 90 minutes following the agenda below (modifications may apply):

· Welcome (5’): hello to everyone, a reminder of the guidelines and role of the moderator and a brief introduction of who are the panellist if the case.

· Quick check In (5’): depending on the familiarity among participants a quick check-in will be moderated. This will vary from meeting to meeting.

· Intro (2-10’): the moderator will introduce the topic of the day. This will happen by the reading of a paragraph about it, which may or may not be followed by a presentation from the moderator or from one or more of the panellists, never beyond 10 minutes.

· Discussion Kick-off (2-5’): 2-3 Questions will be suggested to start the conversation. Participants will be asked if they want to add a question too. 5 questions are the limit.

· Open up discussion (45’): in groups of up to 5 (breakout rooms will be set as needed) and all participants are invited to contribute. Each room will have an assigned moderator.

· Reflection (10’): participants will be asked to take some individual/silence time to reflect upon the discussions they had and make their own notes. Sometimes, a couple of questions will be proposed. In general, this will be done in the main group, after the closure of the breakout rooms.

· Wrap up (10’): participants can share their learnings, insights or conclusions. Each participant should talk no longer than 1 minute + 30 seconds extra.

· After finishing the event, the room may continue open for 10-15’ for the ones who want to simply socialize. Breakout rooms will be available if necessary.

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