Growing competences for women-achievers in alignment with their personal expressions through awareness, uplifting the feminine and the masculine available to us all in balance and, embracing a resolute feminine. Women empowering women.

Have you ever felt unheard? Do you feel that it does not matter how good you are, you are continually being asked to prove yourself again and again? Do you struggle to live a life discharged from all the roles that people expect you to play?

Empowr International enables women to overcome such obstacles by applying proactivity, awareness and practical tools.

Women empowered in different life styles and professions


Discover if this is for you and how to engage with your empowerment and, with female empowerment and gender balance in general.

When you join Empowr International you immediately support other women. Learn how HERE

Through Empowr International, we are driven by a unique goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Our theoretical basis is informed by comprehensive scientific, philosophical and empirical studies and proved experience that is shared and that we keep cultivating. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact on all of our pursuits professionally and personally, connecting locally and internationally.

Empowered Women Volunteers


The feminine way is not well enough represented in our world and certainly is not being effectively applied or valued. This is reflected in many ways; one of the most evident signs of it is in the gender imbalance at leadership positions. . In a recent consolidation of the current status, titled Women in Business 2020: Putting the Blueprint into action, Grant Thornton International Ltd point out to a higher level of 29% of women in a senior leadership position. From that total, women are now occupying 20% of the CEOs positions in 2020. According to the World Bank, in 2019/2020, women make up to 48% of the workforce. Therefore, despite the improvement, there is still a big gap. That is a gap we want to help to close. The feminine way is not only about gender, though. It is about feminine characteristics that today are seen as less valuable. In recent decades this is changing, and the traditional view of good leadership is changing too.


To all women aspiring to enhance themselves personally and professionally. The program is developed for women who wish to be in control of their lives. It is made for women who want to build the basis for a more relevant and meaningful role in their work environment, communities and homes. The women in this program are determined and ambitious to direct their lives as they want and believe in and, in the process, change the world for better.
Not all women need to be leaders in the workplace or get to higher positions. The women who decide to take this program want to have their choices available and decide on their own what they want without the burden of feeling they are less valuable. They want to work on their development and lives beyond the cultural limitations they encounter and share. Our vision is this will be for all people who are interested in balancing the best of feminine and masculine for their personal leadership. We start with women.

Diversity in Women Celebrating together
Empowered Working Asian Woman


Our groups start at different times. Once you find a date to start, you will join 1, 3 or 10 various workshops delivered online. You may enter a local or an international group, depending on what is available and on your choices. Not sure? Try a Getting Confidence Into My Journey session as a test-drive before you commit. Once you decide in, we suggest you join for the whole program. Although we have shorter versions available, we believe you can benefit in full only committing to the entire program of 10 workshops. The sessions take two hours, and we try to have two sessions per month. We also try to make extraordinary international sessions and eventually physical events about which we inform you in advance. Cross-mentoring is available.


"One of the criticisms I've faced over the years is that I'm not aggressive enough or assertive enough, or maybe somehow, because I'm empathetic, it means I'm weak. I totally rebel against that. I refuse to believe that you cannot be both compassionate and strong."

Jacinda Ardern - New Zealand Prime Minister

Empowered Female Developers Women empowering women - Workshops at Empowr International
women empowering women - Mentoring - Empowr International
Diverse empowering group as the community of Empowr International


Empowering Women One Conscious Step at a Time Workshops

At Empowr International, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in providing skills and competencies to women (and to any gender) so that the feminine power flourishes free of guilt and paradigms of the past. Leading your life your own way is by no means an easy feat, but through awareness and practice, we believe we can facilitate empowerment that makes possible personal growth, capable leadership, effective relationships and diverse and harmonic living and workplaces. We invite you to balance feminine and masculine qualities towards your goals and the construction of a better and more sustainable world.


One on One Targeted Support through Women Mentoring 

With a continued and focused process, we want that the practice of the workshops can have continuity. Within the groups, you will be assigned as both a Mentee and as a Mentor so that you can achieve specific and agreed goals on your process of personal and interpersonal development, at your career, entrepreneurial initiatives and at any project, while you develop leadership. You build a brighter future for yourself and for others. We learn by teaching and we teach by learning.


International & Local Private Groups with People Concerned with Gender Balance and Female Empowerment 

A journey to a more remarkable life never ends. That is why we keep open the community for the ones who join us at any time. Through the community, you shall find not only support but partners in initiatives and in life that can continually learn and teach, in an exchange of positive mindset. You can build your next project or help the one you feel in love with. Or you can discuss your ideas, thoughts and feelings. The more you give in, the more you will get out. Remember always that and forget borders. Our people are from anywhere in the world.



This is what women who have been empowered by working with us have to say:



"I personally met Karime on several occasions in informal meetings where we discussed topics of personal development and growth. From the beginning I admired her warm, caring and authentic personality as well as her excellent listening skills she applies to truly understand and ask insightful questions which help you to find clarity. I was immediately interested when I learned about AdvantiKA´s Women Empowerment Workshop. The sample class gives you a realistic idea of the online workshop sessions. Buckle up for an endeavour of your personal worth, compassion, self-care, the discovery of your amplified personal qualities and traits, your very personal power. I started the workshop thinking I had already educated myself very much on personal awareness. However, the workshop provides me with condensed quality information, reading and listening material, tools to measure and focus on working on goals that are important to me. Most importantly the workshop offers an inviting, inclusive and inspiring atmosphere which further enables me to be very honest with myself, cut through the noise and fog and gradually build up more awareness. Over the course of a few weeks, I notice myself taking more action to work specifically on my personal and professional goals on a daily basis. I am very much looking forward to the next workshop sessions about leadership and management tools." 

Stephanie R
Supply Chain Professional

Getting Confidence Into My Journey - Test Drive Events

Getting Confidence Into My Journey - Hosted via the USA at Central Time
Sat, Nov 07
Zoom Private Session
Nov 07, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST
Zoom Private Session
The Getting Confidence Into My Journey is a Test-Drive session for you to build up your confidence in the program. It is complimentary. We cover bits and bites of a few of our modules, do some exercise and have a bit of discussion. During the session we will explain how Empowr International works.
Getting Confidence Into My Journey
Fri, Nov 13
Zoom Private Session
Nov 13, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM CST
Zoom Private Session
The Getting Confidence Into My Journey is a Test-Drive session for you to build up your confidence in the program. It is complimentary. We cover bits and bites of a few of our modules, do some exercise and have a bit of discussion. During the session we will explain how Empowr International works.
Getting Confidence Into My Journey
Sat, Nov 21
Zoom Private Session
Nov 21, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST
Zoom Private Session
The Getting Confidence Into My Journey is a Test-Drive session for you to build up your confidence in the program. It is complimentary. We cover bits and bites of a few of our modules, do some exercise and have a bit of discussion. During the session we will explain how Empowr International works.


Our options allow you to manage your commitment level and budget. For you to get the most of the workshops and mentoring for the lower investment, we strongly recommend the Base Camp package. Prices are in Euro for sessions held from Europe. Prices have equivalents in USD if you are joining sessions held in the United States.


Base Camp

  • 10 workshops including personal, interpersonal and managerial levels.

  • Empowerment tool and materials.

  • 5 one on one mentoring sessions.

  • Mentee experience

  • Mentor experience


Solid Test Drive

You sign up into the Base Camp temporarily.

  • 3 workshops in sequence.

  • Empowerment toll.

  • Materials of the specific workshops attended.

This option does not include mentoring sessions. You can extend into the full Base Camp experience by paying an additional €490.


Step by Step

  • 1 workshop at a time.

  • Empowerment tool.

  • Materials of the particular workshop taken.

No mentoring sessions included. You can extend into the full Base Camp experience by paying an additional €630.



Karime Abib - Empowering Women


Program Designer Leader


Our main program includes 10 Workshops in 3 levels: PERSONAL, INTERPERSONAL, MANAGERIAL

You can check the full content of each module by clicking on the FULL PROGRAM INFO or watch this short VIDEO that explains it. You will notice the program has been developed by our mother company, AdvantiKA GmbH. 

Check a short TEASER that gives you a taste of the power we aim for you. You can sign up for one of our SAMPLE sessions. Sample workshops are available and a RECORDING of an early workshop can also give you an idea, although keep in mind that the actual sessions are slightly different in energy and dynamics. They tend to be better than the video. In addition to the 10 workshops and the 1 on 1 mentoring, you get in 5 sessions, you can check below what else is part of your experience.


This is a tool we use to register your experience and make it actionable


You will receive links or pdfs of articles, blog posts and videos with good quality content related to each module before it starts.


You will get some exercises and additional material after the module, so that you can make greater value out of it.

Empowr International - Program Logo


Once you register, you will be assigned to the next available group

You may start from module 1 with a brand new group or you may be assigned to an existing group. In the case of the later, you then will shift into a next group to finish your program. In that case, you will start at a random module. In any case, you will complete as many modules as per the package you buy. You can always wait for a new group if you want to start from module 1 and a starting group is not available at the moment.




Empowr International is part of AdvantiKA GmbH, a company member of the 1% for the Planet movement. From 1 to 10% our revenues go into supporting environmental causes.


50% off for a plus one

If you sign up at the same time for yourself and for a friend the second registration is 50% off.


Support an underserved person

You can pay a plus of 50% on your registration and immediately open a seat for a woman who cannot pay to attend a group.

Women supporting women at Empowr International


We want you to find support, partners, sisters and love.

We are organically building a community. We are not in a hurry, but we want our community to grow. We also partner with other communities and networks so that our EMPOWERED people can always find the support they need. In time we want to serve as a nest for additional initiatives started by you. Our community is primarily identified with the female gender, but not exclusively. You may find members who identify as a male gender or any other. 
Groups are formed within the community which can have different formats. 
Learn more about community, associated networks/groups and internal groups on the specific page.






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